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New Single : I Do Love You


Miss Mama Queen kicks off her 2018 year with a bangin' new record, collaborating with songstress A Girl Named K. The two Queens have teamed up on a collaboration EP titled, "Ups and Downs" which includes new hits and remixed classics. "I Do Love You" is produced by Axtion615, and has a bomb mixture of Rap, Pop, and R&B. This new record is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and more. 


A Day in the Life


Do you think you are Miss Mama Queen's #1 Fan ? Would you want to spend a day with Queen? Visit the contact page and submit your contact info, and a short paragraph of what makes you Miss Mama Queen's #1 Fan. On February 1st, we will announce the winner! Further details to come!

Monica & Miss Mama Queen

Miss Mama Queen and Monica backstage at the Xscape Tour

Behind the Scenes with Queen

Queen gives full access to her fans, as she builds her first debut album, 


" The Reign, The Rain ". 

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